Price List of the Doves Dental Clinic

A comprehensive price list is posted in the office If you have a medical card and are at least 16 years old, many treatments are free of charge.

If you have PRSI cover, you can get a free check-up every year and also a discount of €42 for teeth cleaning.

The Doves Dental Surgery, Church Road, Nenagh, PRIVATE FEES, February 2021

Check-up, including prescriptions, without X-rays€50
Scaling and polishing(cleaning). Regular€50
Scaling and polishing(cleaning). Longer time€57
Small X-ray€40
Panoramic X-ray€80
Assessment of the health of the gums(periodontal charting) €100
Deep cleaning under local anesthesia, 2 or 3 sessions€120
Surgical extraction of an impacted wisdom tooth€250
Surgical extraction of any other tooth€160
Gingivectomy, per tooth€55
Crown lengthening, per tooth€200
Filling (depending on size)€90, €110 or €150
Dentin pinAdditional €25
Screw postAdditional €60
Medium-term dressing before a deep filling€60
Root canal treatment€290 per canal
Redo a root treatment from another practice€320 per canal
Cost per visit, if the patient opts out before the end of the treatment€120
Disinfection visit, when treatment resumes lateAdditional €60
Apicectomy of an upper incisor€300
Pulpotomy of a baby tooth + filling on top€170
Crowns, bridges & implants
Crown (porcelain)€800
Composite Crown€300
Post-Crown, or Post & Core + Crown€950
Conventional Bridge€800 per unit (post & cores, €150 extra each)
Maryland bridge with one unit€900
Each extra unit on the Mary land bridge€700
Re-cement old crown€80
Re-cement old conventional bridge, per unit€80
Re-cement old Maryland bridge€120
Temporary crown or temporary post-crown€150
Porcelain veneer€400
2 implants + full lower denture€4,200
Each implant€1,000
Each locator €500
Denture over locators€1,200
Temporary composite crown over a temporary abutment over an implant.€600
Temporary composite Pontic over implants.€300
Each pontic between implants€800
Implant + crown €2,500
Crown over an implant €1,500
Stainless steel crown over baby tooth.€100
Partial acrylic denture€370 plus €15 per tooth
Chrome-cobalt denture€780 plus €15 per tooth
Full upper or full lower denture€500
Full upper and lower dentures€1,000
Denture repair€60
Addition of tooth/teeth on denture€60 plus €15 per tooth
Reline upper or lower full denture€150
Reline upper and lower full dentures€300
Cleaning of a denture, per denture€25
Other treatments
Re-modelling of teeth (by grinding), per tooth€15
Composite veneer€200
Fissure sealant€50
Acrylic night guard (for bruxism)€300
Bleaching tray€100
Tube of bleaching gel€12
Internal bleaching, in surgery, per tooth€150
Composite splint after avulsion of tooth (teeth), per unit Example: one tooth avulsed, 3-unit splint, price to include re-implantation of the tooth/teeth and the removal of the splint€90
Invisalign, one arch plus one plastic retainer.€2000
Invisalign, two arches plus two plastic retainers.€3600
Straightening of the 4 front teeth with the Inman Aligner + wire retainer€1,600
Clear aligners, depending on severity€1000 to €1400
Providing a new Inman Aligner if the other one is lost€500
Fixed orthodontic appliance to straighten the 6 front teeth + wire retainer €2,000
Two fixed orthodontic appliances to straighten 6 upper front teeth and 6 lower front teeth + two wire retainers€3,600
Wire retainer for front teeth after braces€240
Clear retainer after braces€120
Treatment of bleeding, with sutures, after extraction in another practice€100
Treatment of a dry socket, per visit, after extraction in another practice€50
Somnowell anti-snoring device in chrome-cobalt€1,600
Somnowell-clear, anti-snoring device in acrylic€900
Legal report€250
No show, or cancellation less than 1 hour before the appointment time.additional €60
After-hours call outadditional €70

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